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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What I Don‘t Hear

I Hear You all screaming about getting out of the War in Iraq, but I don’t hear any of you acknowledging what would happen if we got out tomorrow…or the day after. Seems that you forgot about 900 million militant Muslims, who have vowed to see our destruction and need oil to finance it.

I Hear You all crying about the cost of healthcare, but I don’t hear one peep about what malpractice insurance costs; about placing a cap on malpractice awards; or what taking the cost of lawyers out of the healthcare equation would be. We have been so distracted by the notion that we owe each other unlimited healthcare, we have forgotten what makes it so unaffordable.

I Hear You whining about the coming demise of Social Security, but I hear not a nit about the current hemorrhaging of payments to millionaires, who don’t need it, and under SSI to slackers, fraudulent claimants, illegal aliens and con artists, who have never put a nickel in it.

I Hear You sniveling about the climate and what we are to do about it…whatever “to do” is. But I don’t hear anything but wind power, solar, higher mileage cars, walking, buses, and bicycles. However, I don’t hear you bringing anything to the table but certain economic collapse.

I Hear You howling about the cost of gasoline not coming down, but I don’t hear anyone allowing market forces to make that happen. I don’t hear any calls for more production, more refining or more drilling. What I do hear is: NO drilling, NO refinery expansion, NO exploration and NO to disturbing an ever increasing list of species I’ve never heard of. No, in this case, leaves oil prices to be determined, not by oil companies, but by Environmentalists, world events, oil traders and aggressive oil speculators.

Most importantly, I’ve heard all of these issues back in ‘06, with the mid-term elections and how the Democrats, if elected, were going to solve them. Well, they’ve had almost a year and a half now to address all these issues, but I have yet to hear any one of the above observations or anything but higher taxes, more spending and more suffering. But hey, I could be wrong.

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