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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Running The Asylum-California Style

So the latest clean air assault by the nature Nazis is once again the auto industry, more specifically the diesel truck industry. In a recent frenetic frenzy, oil refiners, diesel engine manufacturers, fresh air fanatics and a cadre of carbon credit hugging politicians banded together to make the air quality here in California better than just about any place on the planet other than the top of Mt Everest and a few ice crevasses at our poles.

Nevermind that reformulation of diesel has already demonstrated premature failure of pumps and injectors in modern diesel engines, resulting in increased operating expenses for both the reformulated diesel and the resulting early engine repairs. But miraculously, the air quality, while better, isn’t perfect. Apparently the scientists ignored pollutants blown in from over seas countries that have absolutely NO emission standards, natural forest fires, normal agriculture emissions and a host of other contributors for which there are NO bureaucratic remedies, yet.

Seems that scientists suddenly discovered that air quality poses a threat to the health of some people and that our air quality is being polluted by diesel engines, just in California. But, they somehow failed to discover this until our fuel prices were already through the roof, the environmental movement had single handedly shut down increased domestic oil production and refining expansion, and our economy was teetering somewhere between certain oblivion and a complete takeover by Saudi Arabia and China. Oookkkaaaayy.

It can no longer be argued that the inmates are running the asylum, or in this case, the lobbyists and ecologists are running the country.

But if you are going to save lives by cleaning up the air, you might start by banning cigarettes, which claims over, a documented, 500,000 casualties a year, not to mention billions in taxpayer money caring for these souls until their inevitable and early demise.

No, we couldn’t possibly gore this sacred cow. Not because cigarettes don’t kill, but because our General Funds needs the tobacco tax revenues and the chain smoking ACLU lawyers would sue us into oblivion over their assumed rights in a Constitution they hold in such high contempt.

But hey, I could be wrong. The Dumbplumber

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