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Sunday, April 05, 2009

My Dear Mr. Steele

Mr. Michael Steele--Chairman
Republican National Committee

My Dear Mr. Steele,

Given that you have sent me any number of solicitations disguised as surveys, questionaires and membership applications, and since I have sent you any number of responses detailing WHY the Republican Party is in the dumper and what they need to do to get out, with you never responding to any of my suggestions, I am beginning to feel that our relationship is perhaps… one sided. I, in fact, am beginning to feel that my attention is being diverted, while someone at RNC is trying to pick my pocket.

Mr. Steele, one thing is painfully clear. At every turn that you do NOT take my advice, you do continue to solicit my money. Michael, we already have one guy doing that and it isn’t working for him either.

As before, until you divest the RNC of the isle-crossing RHINOs, the Kennedy-loving moderates and the 3 Stooges: Snowe, Specter and Collins, you won’t be winning any national elections or respect any time soon.

While we’re at it, until you rid the healthcare system of trial lawyers (think capping jury awards), while promoting personal responsibility with balanced meals, modest exercise, moderate drinking, prevention of smoking and cessation of illegal drug use as a precursor to public financed healthcare, you will NEVER solve our healthcare crisis, either.

And since I am dispensing some common sense advice, you can virtually stop the flood of violence across our southern border by simply requiring ANY recipient of U.S. tax dollars--whether it be contractors, doctors, deadbeats, public employees or politicians themselves to submit to drug testing, you will never solve the drug or violence issues they produce.

Which brings us to the ACLU and the Eco-Nazis, who will have to take a permanent back seat to the needs of this country, if we are to ever be free from foreign oil, narcotics or threats to our security. There, now I will send you this as my contribution to our Nation’s problems.

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