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Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Palin Punch

It is laughable how the Main Stream Media spends so much time pummeling Sarah Palin and her family. Compared to her real image as a responsible State Governor, the U.S. Congress looks more like six NFL linebackers stuffed into a clown car. Perhaps it makes more sense to realize that the Left is scared shitless of her coming out in the 2012 Presidential elections, so they are doing everything now to marginalize her.

There can be no argument that she would have fared much better, had she been on top of the ‘08 ticket with a real Conservative at the bottom. But her coming-out party, as the VP pick, gave a flicker of hope that her aspirations would not stop at Juneau. She is the most humble, competent and inspirational candidate to arrive on the nation’s political stage since Ronald Reagan.

And to the Liberals dismay, she is wise to hole up in Alaska, honing her political chops, forcing their “shadow weasels“ to fly back and forth between New York and Wasilla to dig up dirt. Nothing says covert Liberal spy better than some chain smoking skank, sporting Fifth Avenue togs, running between logger bars in Anchorage, trying to pump the locals for Sarah or Todd trash. But when you are hired, by the Democrat Party smear machine, with dishing up dirt to stop the Palin campaign train in its tracks, with a pre-emptive strike, no sacrifice is too low to ignore.

No my friends, when Sarah Palin steps off a chartered jet, during the next Presidential campaign, she will not be tethered to some back stabbing Moderate, like a ball and chain. She will hit the ground running, with a message that the party is over, no more business as usual, heads will roll, and she will take NO prisoners. The status quo will crumble at her feet, because a hundred million “real people” will come off the sidelines to support her, to save our Nation.

My only advice to her is to stay off Leno, Letterman and the View, and only go on Saturday Nite Live if Tina Fey agrees to a debate first. America, it will only be over if she doesn’t run in ‘012.

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