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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Our Living Monopoly

It is becoming rapidly apparent that differences between the Obama Administration and U.S. citizens will have to be settled at the business end of a bazooka or over a marathon session of Monopoly. And since Barack has inherited a heavily subsidized railroad system, holds the mortgages on everything from Baltic Ave. to Park Place, and completely controls all utilities via administrative and environmental regulation, I think that the bazooka may be the only way to go.

Now, we are being inundated by Liberals, who have suddenly developed an aversion to harsh criticism and aggressive rhetoric, demanding Republicans conduct themselves with decorum, reason and civil debate. Seems to me that train left the station well before Obama bought and paid for his election with fraud, corruption, intimidation and illegal campaign contributions.

But with Obamacare we apparently have the element that is galvanizing freedom loving Americans. The 2,900 page Obamacare Bill, that was passed without one legislator reading it, is revealing itself as NOT what was represented by the platoon of siding salesmen “Yesmen” recruited to peddle it. Nevermind that not one Republican, Conservative or politician with an IQ above a turnip would support it, nevermind that the vast majority of Americans vehemently opposed it, nevermind that the financial track record of government bureaucracy successes reads like the survivors list of the Heavens Gate trip to the Mothership, the U.S. Congress, in Pelosi and Reid, steamrolled a few weak-kneed, back stabbing weasels to get it passed.

One wonders what happened to common sense. But with the wheels coming off the Pennsylvania and B&O, while the Reading and Shortline both jumped the tracks, due to some shenanigans by the Unions, common sense was never in the game. This was Chicago Style extortion, fraud and bribery, plain and simple.

About the only thing left to save this game is the taxpayer’s Community Chest, represented by the Tea Party. And about the only thing left for Obama is his bullet proof limos and his ‘Get Out of Jail’ Free cards.

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