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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Seems the pinheads are spinning today. Apparently some “ethnic” House leader thought he heard an overzealous Tea Party participant say, what the rest of them were thinking. And if that weren’t enough, Barney Frank (the Hose Monster of the House), overheard someone refer to him as a “Faggot”. Or was that Homo. Or maybe Queer. Or was that Fudge Packer. Well, it was one of them, but they are all accurate. Now the Libs are screaming racism and homophobia to the high heavens. Like that’s going to turn heads away from the biggest heist of personal wealth in the history of man.

Apparently the eco-Left forgot about their behavior at the Obama Inauguration where they left behind some 20 tons of garbage. Guess they forgot all about the “Die Bush Die” chants from the Left over Iraq. It must have slipped their minds that an army of Left Wingnuts were calling for the assassination of Bush and Cheney. And who doesn’t remember the “Idiot Chimp” description of Bush, even though his grades and IQ was higher than his “Lurch” impersonator opponent, John Kerry.

But what is most amusing is that while putting the “SEIU” boot to the little man selling “Don’t Tread on Me” flags in St. Louis, landing him in the hospital with serious injuries, barely made the MSM news, uttering “nigger” or “homo” seems to cross the line of Liberal tolerance.

Heaven forbid someone should utter, “It’s a Baby Killer”, even though that is exactly what will be provided from the der Leader, who has actively sought funding for late term abortions, as U.S. Senator.

No folks, you cannot make this up. It cannot be argued that the chasm between the Left and Right is getting larger. But the ability to satirize the spread between reality and lunacy is getting harder and harder.

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