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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Senseless Census

Under the, “You can’t make this up department”. I asked at our local Post Office today, when we were going to get our Census Forms. The nice lady behind the counter said she didn’t know. Because she has returned hundreds of forms back to the Census Bureau, due to them using the physical locations instead of P.O. boxes.

You see, the U.S. Post Office will not forward mail addressed to a physical address, even though the recipients are known to the Post Office. Apparently, the U.S. Census Bureau didn’t get the memo, because they sent tens of thousands of Census workers around America jotting down every physical location, then sent out the Census forms to those addresses.

As for bureaucracies not recognizing P.O. boxes, this isn’t my first rodeo. Many regulatory agencies will NOT send documents to P.O. boxes. But yet the U.S. Government spends hundreds of billions every year maintaining tens of millions of P.O. Boxes they won’t send mail to. Go figure.

So, instead of sending people out to actually count the folks on the first go-round, they accumulate addresses, mail out forms then wait for the forms to come back undelivered, then go back and count the folks, which they could have done the first time. Rube Goldberg would be proud.

Now, these little clicker people are going to come to my house, in the middle of the day, while my wife and myself are off working (like millions of other self-employed people) and leave a cute little bag hanging from my door handle, with hopes that I will actually care enough to sit down and fill it out completely. Yeah right.

Other than about 150 quail, several dozen other welfare recipient wild birds and one schizophrenic cat, there are just two Americans living here. And the neighbors could have told them that….on the first trip.

But not to worry, with 2900 pages of regulations, 159 new agencies and hundreds of thousands of new full time government employees, I firmly believe that Obamacare will go much smoother.

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