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Friday, July 23, 2010

Mass Distraction

So now we are high centered on whether the Arizona Illegal Immigration law is constitutional, into infinitum. Add to that we are still quibbling as to whether passengers passing through the new nudie x-ray machines can place nasty messages over their nipples and if it is okay to stand in front of a video camera and promote the “killing of crackers and cracker babies”, as a way to appease the New Black Panther Party.

Well, it apparently is NOT okay to tell someone you will shoot an intruder or burglar on your property. That is according to any cop or District Attorney anywhere. But according to our U.S. Attorney’s office, you can legally stand in front of a polling station, tap a baton in your hands and intimidate voters, when your day job of promoting the killing of “Cracker Babies” drys up. Yessir, I’m starting to see a pattern here.

Nevermind that when the dust settles down, folks will begin looking around at what this Congress and this Racist, Socialist, Narcissistic, Capitalist Hating, Back Stabbing, Latte sipping, Siding Salesman of a President is doing to America. It’ll be time to distract our attention, once again to what poor Lindsay Lohan is having for breakfast for the next 23 days, how many layers of “white” will be on Bristol and Dipshits wedding cake and just how many Face Book women have made marriage proposals to the Barefoot Bandit.

Yes folks, get ready for 110 days of mass distraction. November 2nd may be a turning point in America’s future, but you can bet your booties that the MSM and Liberal Cable News will be working 24/7 to remind you of the mess that Bush left for our beleaguered Barrack. And look for them to dust off and tune up Tina Fey for some more Palin bashing.

Whoa, look over there, Katie may be going to NBC. Keith comes out of his dungeon to smack Bill O’Reilly around for pounding the crap out of him in the ratings. And Chris Matthews discovers that that tingle running down his leg is a Llama relieving himself. Nevermind that we will be dragging Andrew Breitbart out every week or so to disassemble what anyone with eyes and ears can figure out for themselves. It’s gonna be a hoot for Breitbart, now that he is being treated to the Palin Effect. But don’t think for a minute that he won’t drag out his checkbook again to shame the Liberals.

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