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Friday, July 23, 2010

MSM Picking the Losers

Gee it must be campaign season again, the Lame Stream Media are out picking the Republican candidates to run against Obama. Just to put this into perspective, they last picked McCain and we all saw how well that worked out, especially after he picked a real candidate to provide the Red Meat to the MSM and Saturday Nite Live.

No, it’s Romney, Huckabee, Gingrich and Palin, not necessarily in that order. Nothing quite like having Mike Tyson picking three Boy Scouts and a boxer to be his next contender. Geesh, let’s review.

Romney is the perennial first loser, the one with the most money to throw away being the first lamb to slaughter. The MSM will pick him to be the top dog then throw a bone under the moving bus of Mormanism and watch him chase it into historical oblivion.

Huckabee, is little more than a preacher, who was once a governor. He is a gravy drooling goober that can’t control his wild weight swings, much less than a White House staff or the Executive Branch. But they pick him to be the second loser. His biggest contribution to civilization is dragging third rate, has been rockers into his Fox studio to make fools of themselves trying to lip synch to music of Huckabee’s Little Rockers.

Gingrich spent years galvanizing himself into the role of the Conservative Lightning Rod. He then shot himself in the foot, when he walked away from his wife of many years and took up with his “assistant”. No, no, I’m sure we won’t be hearing anything about that in the near future, along with accompanying video clips of his sanctimonious quotes about family values.

And then there’s Sarah Palin. She tends to come in fourth in most polls, but I can’t find anyone that could come close to her in a Primary. Oh I dunno, maybe it’s because she is the least made-over, most maligned, least respected (by the MSM), while most feared by any and all Democrat contenders.

Name another Conservative that can get one million people to a rally in D.C.? No I didn’t think you could.

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