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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Talk Is Cheap

Talk is Cheap

So here I sit listening to the Sunday morning talking heads debate our sad economic existence and how we’re going to get things straightened out. Funny though, the only thing that’s being discussed is continuing or not continuing the Bush tax cuts. Hoookaayyy! Like that’s the magic bullet.

So, here I go one more time, weighing in on what a small businessman sees as the problem and solution. To keep this simple, so that even the most seasoned mouthpiece understands it, Dumbplumber is going to use a metaphor. (For the folks at MSNBC that means a figure of speech to make a point.)

Let’s say our economy is an overloaded donkey stuck in a muddy ditch. Now it’s bad enough that he is knee deep in thick goo that has doomed many before him. But this poor beast has a burden upon him that was all that he could carry, even in the best of times. (That my MSNBC loving friends is all the taxes, regulations, fees, permits, levies, duties, tributes, tolls, tithes, dues, obligations, codes, decrees, edicts, unions, ordinances, statutes, agencies, duplicitous bureaucracies, (did I mention laws?), etc., etc. AND etc..

Now, for the sake of this conversation, is where our economy is right now. So what do all the experts say to do? Well, the Right want to cut taxes and let things take their course. On the other hand the Left wants to heap more taxes, regulations (just 70,000 this year alone), and government bureaucracy on top of bureaucracy and sell it to us as job creation. Then to maintain the façade of respectability, they want to borrow more trillions from China and hand it over to unions and State governments to maintain the bloated bureaucracies they already have and call it saving jobs. Oh yeah, how‘s that working for you?

The Dumbplumber hasn’t heard one word about taking the load off the donkey, getting him out of the ditch then return a load that he can pack under his weakened state. No, they just want him to magically claw himself out and keep on truckin‘, while the ‘experts’ stand on the sidelines and debate a remedy. And this Pilgrims is the difference between the Donkey and Jackasses.

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