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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Whitman’s Gamble

So what’s the big whoop about Meg Whitman? I mean it’s her money, let her spend it the way she wants. Has anyone asked the ad folks, the networks, the local T.V. stations, the print shops, the campaign office landlords? Oh hell no. They just look at $100 million spent and cry EXCESS! SHE’S TRYING TO BUY THE ELECTION!!

Well now, let’s reflect. When Steven Spielberg spends $200 million over six months, writing, producing and promoting a movie that makes $600 million, we don’t hear a peep.

When we find out that Charlie Sheen makes $800,000 per episode for 2 and a Half Men, that only about 2 million of us watch, I see yawns. Or when we discover that Jay Leno makes some $750,000 every weeknight, we just wonder how many cars he will buy this month. Now that’s Leno making $100 million every six months, or so, and nobody cares.

But Meg Whitman gambles her own fortune to save the State of California from inevitable insolvency and disaster and eyes roll all over America. Well you bunch of short sighted A-holes.

Has the notion that this woman might just be willing to spend much of her considerable fortune, endure endless and baseless personal attacks, as well as have her character assassinated, all to save the state she loves, ever occurred to anybody but me? No, I didn’t think so.

How about we all just take a deep breath and let the show go on? How about we put our partisan grudges on hold, or at least into context for the next 49 days and you won’t be watching her spend any more of HER own money, so foolishly? Quite frankly, anybody that criticizes her for her efforts is just a short sighted, Liberal hack, lacking any historical perspective for her efforts.

After all, she is just attempting to do something that the Legislature in Sacramento has been trying to undo for over 20 years…save the 8th largest economy on the planet.


Three Score and Ten or more said...

I ALMOST wish I lived in the state so I could vote for her.

Las Vegas Plumber said...

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