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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Here Comes the Train Wreck

Ok, now I’ve had it. On Sunday’s Fox News Sunday, with Chris Wallace,
the first 20 minute slot was assigned to the Democrat Party head, Tim Cain, and Fox’s own Republican mouthpiece John McCain (who I’m sure has his own parking spot at Fox, as he is on it so much), each performed their shticks on America’s economy without using the words “union”, “Obamacare”, “deficit” or “national debt” once. Now a conversation about our economy without referencing the above is the equivalent of discussing global warming without mentioning the sun.

So, you’ll pardon me if I begin to doubt whether or not any of these two clowns understand just how deep in feces America is. Nevermind that if we DID roll back every spending measure signed into law in the last 18 months, we can’t continue to carry the debt and regulation we already have anyway. Of course, Cain was spouting the political tripe you would expect: “We’re digging ourselves out. Things are getting better, but not fast enough, yada, yada”. This you would expect.

But McCain!!! Not one word about any of the lunacy from Obama, Pelosi and Reid. Just McCain with his “shtop shpending”, “build the damn fench” and “America ‘ish’ angry“. Well, duh! Hey John, exactly WHY America is angry might have been informative here!!!! Doofus.

NO, America isn’t interested in the status quo. We don’t want to be led by the Party of NO. Middle America (and those that love her) wants you guys to undo about 20 or 30 years of overreaching and then go to work fixing the 30 years of un-Constitutional behavior before that. Our message to you is DO YOUR JOBS ACCORDING TO OUR CONSTITUTION AND NO MORE!!!! Stop ignoring your governing document, stop taxing and spending and stop regulating every moment of our lives. Then begin to unravel the mess left by your predecessors.

Believe me when I tell you that returning Social Security and Medicare to its roots would be a giant step forward in rebuilding your brand. And although there is NO Constitutional basis for either’s existence, we made this contract under good intentions, took the money, then ‘bastardized’ their
mission until they are not just unrecognizable, but basically just piggy banks for deadbeats and politicians.

Oh, there have been the calls for privatizing Social Security, reforming Medicare and abolishing the Education Department along with any other duplicitous bureaucracy, but those calls are already being labeled radical by both party leaders. No, we are so busy trying to stop the spending binge of the last 4 years (note, I dragged Bush in this mess), that our leaders aren’t even looking beyond the hangover.

And with the latest announcement that Mitch McConnell, senator from Kentucky, is poised to take the leadership of the Senate, I have severe reservations about the major overhaul this country needs. So, I envision the Boehner, McCain, McConnell scrum huddling up and running roughshod over the new incoming Turks and pushing them aside to spend the next two years squandering more of our money saying NO to Obama. Not exactly what America needs while it peers into the abyss.

Therefore, with the old dinosaurs at the helm, the Liberals might just be right. The leadership of the GOP has NO plan. Yes, I said it. Beyond “enough is enough”, they have no plan, except for the likes of Michele Bachmann, Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor and Senate hopeful Sharon Angle, only Chris Christie, governor from New Jersey, has actually taken on the Enemies of the State-- unions, bureaucracy and taxes. Other than them, I haven’t heard much from anybody else except for NO.

So unless the Tea Party and Libertarian leaning Republicans take over the Republican Party in November, you can expect more business as usual from the ruling Congress, which I doubt will take on the 70,000 new regulations enacted just in the last year, not to mentions the tens of thousands of others over the past generation.

But if there is any good news, we will have screwed ourselves so deep into the ground, those solar flares generating the magnetic storms predicted in 2012, paralyzing everything it hits, will be the least of our worries.

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