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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Desperate Ink Slinger

To my dear friends and followers of Dumbplumber:

If last Tuesday’s Local Fish Wrap Newspaper proves anything, it’s that, “You Can’t Stop Stupid“. Hell, in this case, you can’t even slow it down.

Dumbplumber is thinking about starting an online program and will call it “So You Think You’re Smarter than a Newspaper Publisher”. In the first episode we demonstrate that our local editor/publisher/delivery boy failed miserably to confirm, authenticate or otherwise corroborate erroneous statements defaming Board members of the FRCSD.

Such appears routine for ‘our’ Fourth Estate serial Offender.

I feel sorry for our Publisher. He is so desperate to sell papers that he puts his ignorance in print--draws fire-- then doubles down by repeating the ignorance again. Nevermind that he was accused of “provably erroneous” reporting, his response was, as was his errors, a pathetic attempt to put out a fire with gasoline.

Well, the Dumbplumber, in the future, will be posting his observations of the “Desperate Ink Slinger” on

But don’t expect any rebuttal to reasonable observations, because our Spelling Bee dropout couldn’t find the website if you gave him a map. ((Think “Mayflay“(instead of Mayfly)Pub)) Same edition.

Thank God that the Echo doesn’t have to be responsible, accurate or informative to feed his family. He apparently has an audience that is either immune to his ineptitude or must have a weekly dose of his incompetence to remove any doubts of their own abilities.

No my friends, The Echo, a once reasonable source of information (many moons ago) has bogged itself down like a 4X4 with four bald tires.

Hell, Dumbplumber has a cat that’s smarter than our newspaper publisher. At least, if you swat her for a mistake, SHE doesn’t make it again.

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