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Saturday, December 11, 2010

So fu... fu.... fu.... screwed

America, after considerable contemplation, I have concluded that we are, no the world is, fu, fu, fu, screwed. And this does not come easily. You see, after a landslide election, where voters were moved by the cataclysmic warnings of economic calamity awaiting us, if things don’t change, we are pirouetting on the head of a pin, of a hand grenade.

For example, we have our current Speaker of the House, claiming that unemployment and welfare benefits are “stimulating” the economy. We have the chairman of the Federal Reserve stating that printing hundreds of billions every few months will NOT create inflation. We have the current leadership in the White House and Congress, riding a wave of unsustainable spending, locked and loaded to enact even more taxing to pay for more spending…. into infinity and beyond.

Now, as if that isn’t enough, after the landslide election, overwhelmed by the Tea Party and those that claim to support the Constitution, smaller government, lower taxes, and more personal responsibility, none of the above has been uttered since election day.

No, once the Tea Party leeches got the votes they needed, they skittered into the cracks and dark corners like the cockroaches they are, instead of standing on the Congressional steps and condemning the remnants of a Congress that couldn’t send the most corrupt Congressman in history out the House door in handcuffs. Meanwhile we watch Wesley Snipes self commit to a federal institution for years of incarceration, for crimes paling in comparison. And I am still awaiting an apology from Congress.

The problem here folks isn’t lack of taxes, the problem is that government can’t justify the money they spend now. They can’t even come to terms that the money they spend is ours, not theirs. They can’t admit that most of their spending is on their own cost of operation, their blind commitment to entitlements (for unions, and the so-called poor) and the unjustifiable spending for failing environmental and social programs. No people, we are stepping over dollars to save dimes.

The sad reality is, if we took ALL the wealth, every nickel, away from the top 2 percent, that we’re trying to chisel a few more billion from, it wouldn’t make a dent in the U.S. deficit. Dumbplumber

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