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Monday, December 27, 2010

Interpret This

Funny how the incoming recruits to Capitol Hill are getting all about the Constitution. And now I see that they want to make every Bill have attached the provision in the Constitution, where they are allowed to submit such legislation. Yeah, and people in Hell want ice water too.

Ok, I’ll bite. But why don’t we start with landmark legislation over the past 20, 30 or 50 years that was passed without this same requirement? Suddenly, we’ve become all sensitive over what is Constitutional, and what is not. Like they know doo-squat about it in the first place.

Oh, I don’t know. I have a copy, of the Constitution, that I can carry in my pocket, that’s just 46 pages long and I have no problem at all understanding what is contained, not withstanding the Federalist Papers. Especially since when it was drafted there was no Internet, televangelists, high-speed rail or electricity. Likewise there was no unemployment insurance, illegal immigration, Medicare or Social Security.

And I don’t need a Constitutional attorney to explain to me what separation of Church and State is, because there isn’t one. It is simply that a government cannot ‘create’ or mandate a church or religion. Likewise, there are NO restrictions to owning a firearm, because you never know when we are going to be invaded by Canada, Mexico, or, in fact, our own government. Just ask those that lived in pre-war Germany.

I was particularly amused to learn that Wisconsin’s 800,000 licensed hunters alone make up the world’s eighth largest standing army.

I also am not confused about the Commerce Clause allowing Washington, D.C. to do about anything it wants with communications, insurance or food, because it “MIGHT” be shipped across state lines. But I can tell you that the Commerce Clause wasn’t created to allow government control of everything we say, sell or do in the U.S.

But you wouldn’t know it the way the Supreme Court has allowed our “Representatives” to run amok at our expense, since well before Franklin Roosevelt decided it was a good idea to meddle in the free enterprise system in the 30’s. No, opening the door to socialism is a lot like being a little bit pregnant.

Big Government has it in their heads that it is within their power to solve every perceived problem that comes down the yellow brick road. Which by the way is built and being maintained by the Federal Highway Administration.

And by any stretch of the imagination, I haven’t found anywhere in the Constitution that I must pay for the abortions of drug addicted hookers, who refuse to take free birth control that I also pay for under the Welfare Clause.

Trust me I don’t see anywhere that I must birth, raise, educate and provide healthcare to illegal immigrants, that essentially posses more rights than I do. And to that end, I haven’t discovered where I am obligated to install and maintain over 700 military bases around the world, just because we are the world’s super power. And try as I might, bailing out America’s Super Banks appears nowhere in those 46 pages, especially since it was they that got themselves in to the financial pooky bin in the first place.

No America, it is a dramatic gesture that our freshmen Legislators are drifting towards a Constitutional Congress. However, absent immediate action on returning our Country to some sense of sanity, this will remain just a gesture.

Sadly, I believe that a room full of eighth grader would do a better job interpreting the Constitution than the clowns in D.C. do now.

No folks, sometimes you just have to take a men (or in this our Founder’s) at their words. And stop reading something into it that isn’t there.

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