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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Resonse to Jim Reed Sunday Letter

Response to Jim Reed’s Sunday Letter to the Editor

Dumbplumber writes:

It occurs to me that, while many of you want to get down in the weeds over policy and taxing proposals, most of you never step back and look at the big picture. Here are a few questions that most of you should consider before you embarass yourselves taking a stand on how we should be governed, or what it should cost those of us paying for it.

A. Can 300 million people be GOVERNED on $250 billion a month? Yes or No will do.

B. Can we protect America with less than the 759 military bases scattered around the globe?

C. Should taxpayers be forced to subsidize people who WILL NOT (I didn't say CANNOT) work?

D. Does the government owe anything to an "illegal" alien beyond a trip back home? Do they owe them more than American citizens?

E. Is it fair for our government to treat union workers differently than non union?

F. Should our government enforce any law differently than any other law? Or should laws that are not being enforced be deleted?

G. And finally, is anyone else offended when some politician, in righteous indignation, brazenly waves a copy of our Constitution while whining about some perceived slight, meanwhile willfully violating that docmuent every day?

Now this isn't a test beyond that of whether or not anyone of you are living without principle. It is really a test of common sense, reason and some level of personal responsibility. And it is open book for those of you who don't know the answers.

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