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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Whining in the Big Apple

Whining in The Big Apple

So, Glenn Beck gets assaulted in a park in New York City, so what? People get assaulted in New York every hour and we don’t see it on the front page.

For the past 3 years, Beck has been the History-Teacher-in-Chief on Fox News. He has illustrated in painful detail the inner workings of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Che and Soros. So it is with some surprise that he is surprised that he got his day spoiled by some street thugs.

Doesn’t he know that Soros hires people to watch, follow and basically screw with him? I mean, George knows what Glenn had for breakfast and what he didn’t get between the sheets last night. He hires people to screen his scat for any signs of bleeding hemorrhoids or Tapioca pudding. For Christ’s sake, Beck is rich and influential, but Soros is uber-rich and spills more than Beck makes. I mean, Glenn doesn’t make enough to cover Media Matter’s Christmas (oops, I mean Winter Festival) bonuses.

Beck is supposed to be a really smart guy, he knows all the Amendments to our Constitution, he can name every vice President since Washington, he can cite the preamble backwards in three languages. Hell, he’s so smart he decided to take himself off Fox News and go to an Internet format program with about 2500 viewers. (Well okay, maybe that’s not so smart). So why did he not cogitate that Soro’s many political army soldiers would be laying in wait for just such a moment.

Glenn, buy a vowel, get a clue. You are a walking, talking enemy of forces well beyond your defenses. Time to step back or step up to a position where either you become completely obscure or actually hire some bodyguards like a lot of people well below your means do every day to protect their safety.

I mean, it’s not like you are wandering around some city park in Bohunk, Iowa. It’s New York City, dummy. The cesspool of Liberals, not smart enough to live anywhere else.

So if you insist on living there, don’t complain when you get your lunch handed to you. Don’t make me call you a ‘Mucking Foron’. Dumbplumber

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BigFurHat said...

Funny article dumbplumber!