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Monday, September 05, 2011

Saying Dick

When asked what he thought about Sarah Palin’s presidential possibilities, I couldn’t help but notice that Dick Cheney mentioned that he was, “troubled by Palin’s resigning from the Alaska governorship before her term ended“.

Well, ain’t that special. I guess that you ,Dick, didn’t get the memo about it being a completely fruitless endeavor to remain in office, in Alaska, while paying millions out of your own pocket fighting frivolous lawsuits. Lawsuits, by the way that have ALL been dismissed. Or stated another way, an exercise in futility. You know, kind of like your explaining going back to Halliburton for about 15 minutes to receive your $40 million dollar pension.

Moreover, it seems to me, sir Richard, that you were vice president when Bush Jr. decided it was a good idea to give free medicine to about 40 million people. You were also vice-president when ‘43’ waffled on the notion that people who couldn’t qualify for a line of credit at Sears could miraculously buy a $300, 000 dollar home.

Nevermind that Saddam had threatened his dad, Bush Jr. kept the Iraq war going long after the new government stretched Saddam’s neck. And it continues to this day. In fact, there is no piece of real estate that we have invaded in the last 50 years that we don’t maintain a presence.

And while you, sir Richard, were writing your book, thousands of Americans have died in places that we didn’t belong long after we claimed our job was done there. So while you were condemning Sarah Palin for leaving her post, you had long ago abdicated your responsibility for occupying lands abandoned by the U.S. in the name of freedom, lands that to this day are threatened by America’s enemies.

No Mr. Cheney, until you clean up the explanations to your own messes, you might refrain from commenting on those who have yet to be accused of nation building, expanding government or destroying an economy.

Therefore, you shouldn’t say Dick.


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