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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just the Facts Ma'am

Let’s see if I get this straight. One of Obama’s ‘bundlers’ and major contributors is up to his ‘hamhockers’ in the Solyndra Energy startup.

He and his other co-harts visit the White House about 20 times in under 2 months and come away with a loan guarantee of half a billion bucks, which takes second place to investments by venture capitalists, even though the WH budget office did not like the investment, which had already been denied by the Bush administration.

Then in a little over a year, Solyndra has waded through all but a few million of the loan, files bankruptcy and will surrender the rest and maybe more to pay bankruptcy attorneys.

The initial investors walk away mostly whole (and maybe more) to take the Fifth Amendment before Congress and breath easier knowing that Congress may discover criminal wrongdoing, but it will be up to the Eric Holder/Obama justice dept. to pursue criminal prosecution, like they did with the Black Panthers.

Yeah, good luck with that one.

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