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Friday, October 28, 2011

The Daily What

The Daily What Have you heard about Herman Cain’s latest verbal flub, miscue, audible bauble, blunder, boner, bungle…? You get the idea. Why yes you have. Because this guy can’t fart through his Jockeys that the MSM isn’t pouncing on his every emission.
 Have you heard ‘O’Biden’s’ latest screw-up or Obama’s stumbling or bumbling when his teleprompter is MIA. Why, no you’ve not. Unless you see it on the Internet.

President Obama has confidence that he can win the 2012 election despite his low poll numbers. Well, of course he can win. Who needs good poll numbers when you have voter fraud, election fraud, polling station intimidation, no ‘ID’ requirements on election day, registration fraud, ‘activist’ transportation of Liberal voters on election day with beer and cigarettes for ‘correct‘ vote commitment, union transportation of ballot boxes, union members counting ballots, Chicago style vote counting (two for me, one for thee), computer hacking of voting machines and brainwashing of millions of voters in believing that they will remain on the entitlement bandwagon as long as he is president. And NEVER forget that tens of millions of voters vote the straight Democrat ticket, no matter what ignorant, self-indulgent, delusional dimwit is running. **************************************
I see that Rick Santorum is taking a swipe at Herman Cain for not taking a strong stance on abortion. Well Rick, let me let you in on a secret. Abortion (as opposed to defense, delivering the mail and settling disputes between states), is a states rights or individual rights issue. Hopefully this doesn’t derail his campaign, as it has yours, because the only issue about abortion is WHO is paying for it. Dumbplumber

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