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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Don't Dare Me

It apparently is a universal belief that when all Hell breaks loose (which no one disputes will be not “if” but “when“) anarchy will be the rule and not the exception. Roving bands of armed hooligans will be robbing and killing innocent citizens for their gold, guns and food. Meanwhile, law enforcement will be virtually non-existent, especially in rural areas, where essential infrastructure is sparse.

What is in dispute however is what triggers the collapse and how to stop it.

I would suggest that the beginning of the end is the adoption of Socialist/Marxist/Fascist rules, regulations and laws. Therefore, ‘taking out’ these influences early, as shortcut to head off the inevitable, should not be off the table. It certainly would be more efficient to end it now, as opposed to later, when we might lack the ammo to properly defend ourselves.

Or stated another way, “Don’t put the crosshairs on a Fascist or Marxist and dare me NOT to pull the trigger. It might just save the Union“.


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