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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Reality Check

You know, there are moments that one discovers complete clarity, an overwhelming revelation or inspirational epiphany. An example of these moments are when you stub your toe crossing a darkened room; when you slam your finger in the car door; or when you catch your foreskin in your pant zipper. (Well that might be more clarity than you need)

In the wee hours of the morning, I had one of those moments. Melted down to its simplest terms: WE ARE SO SCREWED.

Let’s review: Since before Franklin Roosevelt, America has been going in the hole, some years more than others, but always in the hole.

Two: Over those years, waste, fraud and abuse of power has just gotten bigger and bigger, along with the social benefits granted by every Administration and Congress. (For those of you from Rio Linda and Vallejo this means ‘money for nothing’)

Three: Ignoring the unsustainable nature of these benefits, voters returned incumbent politicians to office, year after year, some for 30 to 40 years, upon election cycle promises of “austerity”, “balanced budgets”, “transparency” and FREE ICE CREAM FOR EVERYONE!  So America clearly lacks the intelligence to vote for its own salvation.

Four: With the election of Barack Obama, America was given a big dose of reality as to political corruption, secret back room deals (defined as transparency), crony capitalism, election fraud, abuse of power, blatant violations of the Constitution, redistribution of wealth cloaked as “leveling the playing field” and a snapshot of a president, who doesn’t know the word patriotism, can’t cite the Pledge of Allegiance or hold his hand over his heart, doesn’t know the difference between ‘corpsman’ and “corpse man“, and has indebted this nation more than the first 42 presidents in history combined. And Obama still has a 44% approval rating!

Five: Statistically, less than half of eligible voters cast ballots for our president.

These words sums up exactly the situation: WE ARE SO SCREWED.


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