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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

For Those Paying Attention:

A question for the President, the Attorney General, U.S. Law makers and law enforcement:

Once it is demonstrated and well established that our citizens have been victimized, bankrupted and demoralized through crony capitalism, bogus climate science, campaign fraud, pay to play politics and the Enviro-Nazi, eco-terrorist, jackboot-on-the-neck-of-commerce policies of both major Parties, will anyone be surprised when the offended rise up and start taking their pound of flesh from the offenders?


“Our Civil and Constitutional Rights are ONLY those we are prepared to fight and die for. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are for academics to argue long after the bodies of the ‘wronged’ have been buried and forgotten.

Enforcement of those rights will be on those, through ignorance, felony, perceived authority, or position, who mistakenly did not fear injury or death.”

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