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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Belaboring the Point

Point of Order: Would someone please tell me why, when some political hack or union thug addresses a crowd, they always contend that Governor Walker was against “labor”.

This confuses me because I am an independent plumber and I consider my services “labor”. I also consider those that work for other non-union contractors as laborers. They work just as hard or harder, they get just as dirty, they usually work more hours for less pay and benefits, than union workers, and are proud of their job. I also admire and consider waitresses, window washers, dental assistants and grocery clerks “laborers”, because they get just as frustrated, insulted and abused as the rest of us.

So why is it that only the 15% of ‘union’ workers consider themselves “labor”? What, are the remaining 82% of us, chopped liver?

I am also offended when some pro-union goon claims that some governor or another, “wouldn’t come to the table”, wouldn’t compromise, wouldn’t participate in “collective bargaining”. Nevermind it was at the table where some low level bureaucrat agreed to something he didn’t pay for.

Hey, here’s a clue Sherlock, “coming to the table“, “compromising” and “collective bargaining” (all metaphors for extortion, strong arming and intimidation) are what have bankrupted America. Don’t believe it, just deny these unions their demands and wait for the picket lines and government shutdowns to begin. Get it?

And where did “Collective Bargaining Rights” come from? Last time I checked, collective bargaining was not a right, but rather a seriously abused privilege, extorted from politicians with promises of huge campaign contributions for their next election. “Rights“, my ass!!!

So you will pardon me if my apathy towards the Media is palpable. For, not even Fox News ever dignifies those of us non-union workers as “Labor”.

We are So Screwed

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