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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mumm Mit

The other day, the world was witnessing the financial meltdown in Europe, with Greece being the fattest cow in the slaughter house. And what was Mitt Romney talking about? Jobs, jobs, and more jobs.

Hey Mitt, how about you address the spark that will make your jobs speech meaningless, Greece.

Unlike Mitt Romney, the Dumbplumber would answer the question of Greece like this: Europe has many flaws, but right now Greece is the ripest pimple on Europe’s face. Cut’em loose. So what? It’ll start the dominos! Let’er rip. You can’t save an alcoholic by giving him more booze and you can’t save Greece or Europe by giving them more money. Ditto Italy, Spain, Ireland or Portugal.

If Europe has a problem with all that flakey ‘bundled’ loan paper Barney Frank and Chris Dodd let Fanny and Freddie sell them, well then take it up with those clowns. American taxpayers had nothing to do with it, so STFU.

You see, it’s the problems created by politicians, scam artists and investment bankers is that they always put the American taxpayers in the crosshairs. Time for the instigators to make amends. Time for the suckers that bought hundreds of trillions of worthless paper (which they still trade today as if it’s of any value) from the financial experts and take their complaints to them.

American taxpayers didn’t create this mess, they didn’t exacerbate this mess, they didn’t profit from this mess and they sure as Hell shouldn’t bail out any other financial ‘wizards’ that were dumb enough to buy it. You don’t spend your paycheck at a carnival. But if you did, you can’t go back to dad and mom for compensation to hold you over. Idiot.

But you can rest assured that both Mittens and our First Socialist Porch Monkey (with sincere apologies to other Porch Monkeys everywhere) will be headed down to the Fed or the Treasury printing presses to indebt America, once again, to pay for the failures of it’s leaders.

We are so Screwed


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