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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Obamacare and Bruce

This is a response to local newspaper editor, Bruce Ross's warm and fuzzy take on the passing of Obamacare.

And in true ‘Ross’ fashion, you have drafted your entire editorial without uttering the words: ‘personal responsibility‘, ‘tort reform’ or ‘rewarding bad behavior‘. You see Bruce, your inability to predict unintended consequences is the reason America, in general, and California, in particular, are in the shape they are.

Just like “Cal Fresh” pretends to be a publicly financed smorgasbord to allure, fitness and contentment, Obamacare claims to be the express lane to wellness, financial security and a panacea to all mankind. When in fact, it is a financial nightmare in the making, the ultimate transfer of wealth from the prosperous, healthy and responsible to the irresponsible, reckless and thoughtless. And with Obama’s open borders policy, can’t you see the invasion from every country, to come here for healthcare. Yeah, I didn’t think you did.

For example, we have spent over $5 trillion on poverty since the 60’s yet we have more in “poverty” today than then. We created Medicare as a safety net for our elderly, yet over the years it was bastardized and prostituted into a lure for illegal aliens, a crutch for the drug and alcohol addicted and a cash cow for scooter manufacturers and any other medical device available to anyone with a persistent malady, self inflicted or not. And don’t get me started on the fraud, waste and abuse, that we ignore at the peril of our future.

And now you like a new $2 trillion dollar black hole that will only get bigger with the manipulation of the Bill’s text. You might want to remember this when you’re in line behind a tattoo laden, drug addicted, chain smoking, alcoholic scooter jockey waiting for your kidney transplant.

Yessir Bruce, your myopic view of what is an intentional assault on U.S. taxpayers is the reason that we aren’t just slipping into the abyss, but rather headed straight down into it in full afterburner.

December 21, can’t come fast enough for this Dumbplumber and I pay for my doctor visits out of my own pocket, because I don’t want my neighbor paying for it. We are so Screwed.

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