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Sunday, July 29, 2012

No More Palins

Well, we all knew it had to happen, sooner or later. Dick Cheney has crawled out from under his pile of Halliburton dividend checks to make one of the dumbest comments in history. His advice to Mitt Romney was that he, “should not chose another Sarah Palin to run as Vice President”.

Absolutely Dick, we should stick with the corral of RINO sycophants that have brought us to this moment. You know, the ones that have allowed hundreds of thousands of abusive, controlling, and in many cases, outrageous laws and regulations that is strangling the life out of this country. That should do the trick.

So, maybe we should look at this another way. How many in Mr. Cheney’s approved republican stable have ever considered repealing any of the regulations that are putting a foot on the neck of America? How many have even considered prosecuting felonious members of the Republican inner circle, for abuse of power, insider trading or just plain old crony capitalism? And as a coup de gras, how many have a clue that we have already gone over the cliff, and without some major changes, we’re going to hit bottom very hard.

Nosiree, we don’t want no stinking reformers, no stinking problem solvers or no stinking Conservatives. No, what we want is some more robo-republicans to keep on doing the same things, but expecting a different outcome. I won’t burden you with what that means, you probably hear it every day.

On the other hand, I once had a long and endearing respect for Mr. Cheney. He came out of nowhere in Wyoming to represent the state, then go on to Chief of Staff at the White House and later as Secretary of Defense and VP.

But somewhere along the line the Party Line crept into his life and America would never be the same. Dodging criticism of lack of WMDs in Iraq, Cheney went on to be a hawk, without pointing out that you would have to convince the Kurds, who were killed in mass by poison gas (a WMD), before you convinced a mob of anti-war zealots. And so the lie continued unabated.

Nope, just keep on keeping on Dicky and see how that works for you.

We are So Screwed

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