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Sunday, July 15, 2012

To the citizens of Fall River Mills

As a service to those who want to know what is really happening between Walt Caldwell's Mountain Echo and the Fall River Mills CSD, I provide this venue for information.  All comments will be monitored for civility and, when available, accuracy.  If any rise to a level advocating violence or physical retribution, they will be deleted.  Remember, the difference between libel and an accusation is which side of the conversation you are on.  Keep it real, keep it clear, keep it factual or it is gone.  Dumbplumber

To the people of Fall River Mills:

In the four weeks since the last Fall River Mills CSD board meeting two things have become painfully clear:  One, those who have taken all their CSD information from the Mt. Echo, know little more than they did a year ago. 

And Two, what little information they did get was mischaracterized, erroneous or outright fabrications. Reading the Echo has become an exercise in futility. If you want to know anything about our Community Services District, you certainly can’t get it from someone who never asks questions, before putting his ignorance in print.  Unfortunately, his logic could be compared to that of a demented inmate, but it hasn't stopped him from declaring his agenda with all the fabricated, self-righteous indignation he can muster. 

One thing has become abundantly clear, Mr. Caldwell is not happy with our District Manager, nor the Board, and by default believes that he and LAFCO should control our future, not our citizens. It’s like he’s yearning for the Sordahl, Guldaman and Pena years, when our District was indebted well beyond its means and finances were never questioned by Mr. Caldwell.  His tether to reality seemed to have snapped almost 2 years ago, when he was called to task for this serious lapse of journalistic duty.  This most notably because Mr. Caldwell's desk is less than 80 feet from the District headquarters.

Truth is he wants our Manager gone. And apparently he and the LAFCO Director, who has launched her own ground war with the Manager and Board, wants everyone not kowtowing to them gone as well. Caldwell, because our Manager has accomplished more in the last year and a half than anyone in the last 30 years. And the LAFCO director, because our Manager has dared to reveal her incompetence and deceit.

And who covers up her incompetence, is our own Mr. Caldwell printing and justifying everything she says, and partnering with her to oust our manager, who has figured out her game. But instead of avoiding this highly unethical and reprehensible behavior, he is touting this conflict as high drama on the front page of the Echo. Clearly he lacks ethics, courage and shame. 

About the Echo editor's only claim to fame is his religeous devotion to the Brown Act, which, I would remind everyone, was in full force, while Bell, Vallejo and San Bernadino, California were being flown into the ground.  And which as we speak, is being slowly dismantled for what it is, an overzealous, unsustainable attempt to keep public entities and their members honest.  Yeah, good luck with that.  Just try and record the minutes of labor negotiations with public representatives.

Meanwhile, our manager and Board need to focus on progress and restoration of our District and leave the battle with the LAFCO director and Mr. Caldwell to those with the backbone and tenacity to right this public wrong. This blog may be the only venue for that effort. 

Thank you.  Dumbplumber

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