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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces

Apparently Michele Obama has drawn the ire of several former Secretary’s of State by claiming that Republicans suppressed voter turnout in the 2012 election. Wow.

With several precincts in Pennsylvania experiencing 100% of votes going to Obama and some districts in Ohio reporting a 125% voter turnout, I would say that Michele is right. Just think of what could have happened if Republicans hadn’t interfered.


A good friend asked me the other day, “How many quail do you have?” The question should have been, 'How many quail have us'? You see, we once had 3 coveys of about 25 or 30 each. And they migrated from neighbor to neighbor sampling the different bills of fare tossed out by the benevolent.

However, we can no longer refer to them as coveys, because ‘coveys’ are small batches of cute little birds. We now have a huge ‘herd’ of small turkeys circling our feeding area like a gang of mobbed-up debt collectors threatening violence if we don’t get the chum out by 3 PM….or else.

You see, over past few years we have shoved several hundred pounds of a mixture of wild bird food and what is affectionately referred to as ‘chick scratch’ through the gullets and out the posteriors of these feathered food felons. And if we’re ever so bold as to arrive home late for feeding, say 4 PM, we are greeted with quail and their big cousin enforcers, Eurasian Doves lurking on fences, tree branches and overhead power lines in numbers that rival anything in Hitchcock’s, The Birds.


And I cannot close today without a comment about the recurrent call for gun control in the aftermath of the massacre in Newtown, Conn.

I would remind the ’preferably unarmed’ that it was the British marching all night from Boston to northern Massachusetts, to confiscate the guns from the Colonists that triggered the Revolutionary War, not the Boston Tea Party.

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