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Thursday, December 27, 2012

No Good Deed...

Just when you thought that a good idea could make lemonade out of lemons, along comes the Liberals, unions and bureaucrats.

A few days after the Sandy Hook massacre I thought hiring unemployed servicemen and women to provide security at our nation’s schools was a grand idea. We could provide these former soldiers living wages in return for their training and patriotism in securing our country’s youth from random acts of violence. Now how simple was that???

But No Good Deed Goes Unpunished, or mangled beyond recognition.

Since then, our politicians, union leaders and knee-jerk liberals have turned the whole thing around into, “Hiring more cops (read union cops) to patrol our schools”.

Of course, this will require more training (as if they didn‘t get enough at Basic), more equipment, more union dues, more reporting, more ‘centralization‘, more, more, more…..until the original idea has morphed into another TSA nightmare.

Will we see any of our former soldiers hired? Of course we will, but at far greater and unnecessary expense and with attached benefits that will take our unfunded obligations further into the stratosphere.

I wouldn’t be surprised that we will form a completely new bureaucracy for school security, with separate and complicated regulations and training manuals for pre-school, grade school, junior high then high schools. Maybe even colleges. There is no level of excess unattainable by bureaucrats and unions.   It’s no wonder school districts are backing away.

In the end, this great idea will become, in true fashion, just another government generated nightmare and boondoggle of galactic proportions.

And I can’t wait for the inevitable day, during a union strike, an armed loony mows down an entire classroom.

Now I wish I had never thought or heard of it.

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