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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Enough of the Fiscal Cliff

Enough of the Fiscal Cliff

I have stopped watching all news channels, for now. The reason is simple. Just turn on any news and information network and the first words you will hear are, “Fiscal Cliff, fiscal cliff”. Enough already of the fiscal cliff.

FYI for all of you neophyte news hounds, who have been in a coma for the past 40 years, this so-called fiscal cliff has been growing ever since our government discovered it could mortgage our future by spending money it hadn’t yet collected. The past two presidents didn’t invent the cliff, they just more than doubled the distance to the bottom, from the combined previous 200 years. And this last one is working on doubling it again.

And if the pundits have discovered  any one redeeming fact, it is that this so-called cliff isn’t the pending debt, but the gigantic festering pustule that is Big Government… just getting bigger by the day. Let me explain.

The United States is now become a debtor nation, borrowing billions every day to operate and more billions to just pay the interest on what they’ve already borrowed. But like any good debtor, have they figured out they are living beyond their means? No, no and Hell no.

This administration in particular has doubled down on debt by entering into a Faustian Deal with ‘Low Information’ voters. He gives them hundreds of billions in "stimulus" grants, directed soley at the unions, unending unemployment insurance, fraudulent disability benefits, unfettered access to food stamps, free medical services, free abortions and birth control, Obamaphones, EBT cards (that they can use in Vegas and Hawaii) and just about any other benefit they want to ask for. In return, Obama gets their votes.

On the other hand, our military has ballooned out of control. I don’t just mean $100 million dollar fighter jets and multi-billion dollar aircraft carriers. We are engaged in no less than three ongoing wars. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (yes we never left and more are going back) and the unending  war on Common Sense. Never mind that we are maintaining over 700 military installations around the world….like we actually need all 700.

And never let a stupid idea go to waste, but taxing millionaires and billionaires has already been debunked, because if you took ALL their wealth today, it would only run this monstrosity for about 8 months. Then what would you do?

No, the genius of our Congress is they have carefully concealed that this isn’t about taxing the rich--because they don’t tax wealth, they tax incomes-- but rather making the 'working wealthy' stay in harness and give away the fruits of their labor, for the rest of their lives. Yeah, like they don’t have the intelligence and resources to take their toys and go somewhere else. Hello!

Meanwhile, Big Government will be lowering its sights down to the middle class, who haven’t the inclination, ability or wherewithal to make these moves, to replace the rich in paying for this behemoth.

No my friends, there is really only one war going on here, the one between those paying taxes and those spending them. Nevermind that the size and cost of government will never enter into these negotiations. It, as it is now being reported, is the Price we’re going to pay for an unbridled, ballooning, ever encroaching, ever controlling government run amok.

Because a smaller, less intrusive, leaner, more efficient governing has never been the goal of any Party in our government. Any Party running on this platform will be ‘hounded’ out of a position of power before they ever get near it. And if we learned nothing else from the last election, victory was was attained, not by the vast majority of tax payers, but by the sycophants of Big Government, and those that leach from and sustain themselves on the toil of others.

We are So Screwed.

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