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Sunday, October 05, 2014

Continuing the Thread

Continuing on my rant against the RINOs trying to humiliate Conservatives and Tea Partiers into donating and voting for other RINOs who want to continue the losing policies of the present RINOs.  Are you getting the feeling that I am having an issue with RINOs?

Well, let’s cut to the chase.  How many sitting RINOs have authored or co-sponsored legislation shrinking the size of government?  How many RINOs running for office or running for re-election are promoting our Constitution or demanding that the Congress, the Administration and the Justice Dept. adhere to it? 

Okay, how about this one, how many RINOs are suggesting and promoting the lowering of our taxes, or even demanding that government explain where our hard earned taxes went or why they waste as much as they do already?  And given that the gubmint admits to wasting, misdirecting or losing hundreds of billions every year, why aren’t the RINOs finding that money and taxing the assholes that have it?

And finally, when was the last time you heard a RINO demand more personal responsibility from those spending our money, receiving our money in the form of entitlements or squandering our money in execution of their duties.  Anyone!  Bueller!  Anyone! 

So the next time you hear someone threatening us Conservatives for NOT supporting, nor voting for establishment Republican douche-nozzles, tell them the Dumbplumber says you can kiss his ass. 

Put up qualified, responsible and conservative candidates, or go fuck yourself.

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