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Sunday, October 05, 2014

Going Chapter II

A Case for U.S. Government Chapter 11

Maybe it’s time that us folks that pay our nation’s debts had a talk with those that spend our money.  Better yet:  I’ll talk, they can listen.

America is well over $17 trillion in debt and going deeper at over $100 billion per month.  Our national debt has now eclipsed our gross national product and at last count we have over $150 trillion in unfunded liabilities, thanks to the U.S. Congress and State governments (who’re allowing the explosion of federal and state agencies), public employee labor unions and several administrations run amok. 

Now one would think that numbers like that would sober the most irresponsible among us.  But nooooo.  All we hear is that our government can spend like junkies, because our creditors have are promised “The Full Faith and Credit” of the U.S. government (read as the American taxpayers). 

You see, there is no limit, there is no cause, there is no study, there is no foreign or domestic catastrophe immune from taxpayer support.  And the notion of a Budget is now but a memory.  Like budgets are just for the little people.  The U.S. hasn’t had a budget since I can’t remember when, even though we, by law, are supposed to have one every year.  Budgets have been replaced by Continuing Resolutions (CRs). Which means: Damn the Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead.

Dumbplumber says: Horse Hockey!!!!

Time to jerk the chains of those that have allowed us this disaster.  Time to file Chapter 11, and reorganize to live within our means. 

What does this mean.  Well, first it means there is going to be some pain. 
(Oh, I don’t mean for the taxpayers.  Taxpayers aren’t what got us in this mess, a whole lot of stupid voters did.  Most of which survive on entitlements, are functionally ignorant or are a combination of the two.)

I mean pain for those that have sucked at the government teat way too long, those that have abused our entitlement systems and, YES, for those that were dumb enough to keep buying our debt well after we became insolvent and still believed Timothy Geithner, when he said ‘Full Faith and Credit’.  

And it’s well beyond time to reign in what the U.S. government needs, what it owns and above all, what it owes.  Never-mind that during the past decade government has overreached into our refrigerators, our bedrooms, our bathrooms, our gas tanks and most of all into our healthcare.  Hell, they’ve even been poking around in our kid’s lunch pails.  Time to take a little bureaucratic time-out.  Let’s rewind the legal clock and unwind about 50,000 abusive, obnoxious and financially obscene laws and regulations.

Let’s not forget the tens of millions of acres the Feds own and cannot control, protect or reasonably manage.  If a space is not worthy of being a significant point of interest, National Park or deserving forest preserve, let’s peddle it.

Big Brother is attempting to destroy our automobile engines with emissions controls and corn-gobbling ethanol, while starving our plants and trees of carbon dioxide, they sit in their government issued, climate controlled cars, pickups and fire trucks and watch millions of acres go up inflames each year, because they lack the will or initiative to manage the forests and wild lands and create barriers to starve fires of fuel. 

Meanwhile bureau-weenies are bound and determined to eliminate nuclear power, yet they spend billions on creating adequate dumping ground for fuel waste, then billions more shutting them down.  Guess they think those decaying barrels of WWII waste off the Farallon Islands may be the best solution.

Let’s clean up our air, water and terra firma, but not one more penny goes to Al Gore or the eco-Nazis for carbon credits or anything else.  Turn trial lawyers loose on industries NOT protecting their workers, but shut down OSHA and every State version existing. 

Building inspectors should, in the future, be responsible for building failures, not harass contractors into bankruptcy or business into oblivion.

And STOP creating bureaucracies for every new industry created from whole cloth.  We are literally fashioning an industry police force of folks that have NO idea what they are policing.

Okay, now that I have made a short list of things to do in Chapter 11, I can wad it up and shove it where the sun never shines.  Because if I know one thing about government, it never gets smaller. 

I think I will go into my shop and smash my fingers with a ball-peen hammer, then I’ll know the rest of my day will only get better.

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tom hull said...

Excellant article,same shit happens here in new zealand.