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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Clearing that Up

It appears that ‘der Leader‘, Senator Dianne Feinstein, most of the Libtard congress and all of the Libtard Media have a tingle up their legs with the release of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s CIA Report on Enhanced Interrogations.  They claim America deserves the open and transparent truth about techniques used to gain information from terrorists after 9-11.

Well how about that?  Are you as spellbound as I am as to what should or should not be released to Americans by our elected leaders?  And I would remind all of you that Feinstein and Pelosi were screaming “Get the Bastards” on 9/12.

Perhaps we should also get the low-down on a few other things while these self-appointed do-gooders still have the gavel in the Senate. 

We might start with how much was raised by Obama’s campaigns in ‘08 and ‘12 from foreign donors (against the law, by the way).  It might be informative to know, just why Obama gifted America’s biggest unions with almost $1 trillion bucks, disguised as a stimulus package, when it was clearly a payback for their campaign support. 

Then we could move on to all the communications Lois Learner had with the White House about the Tea Party groups.  Now that we’re going somewhere, maybe they could release all the inside dope on where Obama was during the Bengazi raid and why our men were left to die.  And since we’re on a ‘Truth Roll’ maybe they could throw in what Jonathan Gruber was really doing for Obamacare, since he has developed a convenient case of amnesia during Congressional hearings.

And what about the real reason Eric Holder’s regime has kept a lid on the details of Fast and Furious.  And let us not forget the real reason Obama and his personal eaves-dropping network, the NSA is gathering information from everyone in America and all those communicating overseas, but why they can’t stop identity fraud and financial scams, by Nigerian bankers.

On the other hand, it would be refreshing to see just one RINO demonstrate half the outrage as Ms. Feinstein has shown for the abuses our government has exacted upon our citizens.  Maybe their lack of outrage is Freudian cover for the lies they told us while they were trying to get elected and re-elected, never intending to pursue their promises.

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