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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Stop the Decline

Well, it’s happened again.  Some barking mutt, working for one of the RINOs in D.C., has come out of his cubicle to announce to America that Republicans don’t want to impeach the president, because it would martyr him.  REALLY!

Oh yes, letting this serial lying, burr headed, jug eared Socialist continue in the Oval Office is a great idea.  Let me count the ways.

A)  The man is incapable of telling the truth.  His version of the truth is rolling a lie in sugar, injecting it with hope, sprinkling it with change, then selling it as the greatest thing since sliced bread for the middle class.

B)  Speaking of middle class, since January ‘09 the president has been waving the term, “the middle class” like a hooker waving at the boys at Scout Camp.  However, his version of the middle class is either America’s unions, which he endows with hundreds of billions of our tax money, or the middle America of hard working business owners, who he is systematically destroying with his draconian regulatory policies.  But be advised, he only flaunts the unions, because they are a solid voting block and provide Democrats with tens of millions in campaign contributions.  Does anyone else smell the conflict of interest her?

C)  Our National Defense is in shambles, because he is systematically dismantling our military.  He is allowing Iran to build a nuclear bomb, he is openly supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, who openly threatens the existence of both Israel and the U.S. and he is infesting the military with pansies and Muslim sympathizers.

D)  While our cities burn from racially inspired riots, the president hosts the Race Baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson at the White House, who drag along the aggrieved ‘victims of the moment‘, for emotional support.  He then militarizes American police agencies, the exact opposite of what he should be doing to quell the tensions.  But then again, he thrives on conflict.  Never lets one go to waste.

E)  Memories are short, which is why everyone has forgotten the energy shortages of the recent past.  They will return however, when Obama has shut down critical power plants for emitting essential plant food, Co2.

Now you can argue all you want, but the facts above speak for themselves.  Why else would one man have to appoint over 26 Czars to make sure every day is a new and controversial day in America.

No, not impeaching Obama seems to be working just fine for Obama, not so much for America.

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