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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Entering the Abyss

Nancy Pelosi insists that she never knew about the ‘Enhanced Interrogation’ techniques used by the CIA after 9/11.  If she’s lying, she’s an incompetent boob.  If she’s telling the truth, the CIA agents are guilty of war crimes.

Pelosi also claimed on live TV that congress had to vote for Obamacare to see what was ‘in’ Obamacare.  ANYONE voting for that monstrosity, without reading or understanding it, should be either arrested, recalled, summarily dismissed or shot on sight.  It singularly erodes the dictates of the Constitution, while legitimizing rogue behavior.

Dianne Feinstein has made claims that the CIA tortured detainees (some of whom planned on making people jump to their deaths or face a terrorist's inferno), to discover who and where the masterminds of 9/11were hiding.  She did so without benefit of testimony of those she is accusing or context in which she made these allegations. 

Feinstein has just made us aware, that as a sitting U.S. Senator, she has the ability to paralyze our defenses, while extracting revenge for a personal intrusion into her life and office.  This again elevates her feelings about the CIA from secret meetings in back rooms, to a catfight in the middle of the street.

Her efforts neither intimidate the CIA, nor increase America’s security.  It is the maniacal ravings of a vindictive, dwindling and decrepit old power broker.  And still she remains mute about IRS intrusions into our personal lives and the politicization of the Justice Dept., both far more harmful than the CIA's efforts to protect us.

Meanwhile, we have a whole cadre of elected and re-elected political representatives, who based their campaigns on stopping the Amnesty of illegal aliens and shutting down ObamaCare.  Imagine my shocked face(sarcasm alert), when I learned just today that the U.S. Congress, especially the House, just passed a $1.1 trillion bill that fully funds ObamaCare and begins the Americanization of over 5 million (and believe me it will be well over 5 million new democrat voters) who jumped to the head of the line of our Immigration System. 

The whole point here is the desecration of the U.S. Constitution, the Oath of Office and the Rule of Law. 
Because if I have learned anything, it is that under Obama and Eric Holder, you can be violating a law, for which you could be arrested, at any given moment or you can be violating a law(s) that will never be enforced.  The difference being, who you are, where you are, who you know or what Party you are in.  The disparity of law enforcement, under these two mutts, is mind-numbing.

So what is the point you say?  The point is my friend, we have “cammed- over“.  We have digressed (as opposed to progressed) well beyond the point of no return.  Our descent into the societal and governmental abyss makes a black hole look almost cartoon-ish.

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