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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Credit the Donald

Dumbplumber has placed this post on two national blogs, but it needs to be here too.  

As to Trump’s preparations for this run, his history, his qualifications, let no one forget that Trump has been talking about the presidency since the mid 80’s.  There are many interviews with him expressing interest in the office, because America means so much to him. 

No one should underestimate a man, who has turned millions into billions and has built projects so complex and thought UN-doable.  He has cajoled seasoned politicians into funding and construction agreements envied around the world.  He has baffled bureaucrats with his innovative thinking and made mincemeat out of municipal representatives, when they said he COULDN’T do something.  And all the while he raised his children and hired management executives with the same talents for getting things done.

But now, we gnash our teeth and clutch our pearls with anxiety that Mr. Trump may NOT have thought of this or thought of that.  We panic with the notion that some misfortune may befall our chosen leader, because he may have underestimated a risk or overestimated a result. 
What we are NOT doing is placing the credit and confidence in the very man that has attained so much, so fast.  A man who, by our own admission, has not only been contemplating this moment for so long, but has also shown a capacity for anticipating every pitfall, peril and consequence.  Will he not see the ramifications of what he said or has done?

Oh Hell yeah.  But please point out to me anyone who has never made a misstep and lived to regret it.  The difference here is, that most of the “missteps” are in reality “traps” set to draw in the hypocrites among us.  And the rest are reasonable mistakes accepted by those of us who would not jump ship for anyone else on the stage.  Mr. Trump is only human, which is what makes him one of us.  Yes rich, but still one of us.

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