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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Dreams from the Dumbplumber

It was during a dream, while I was talking to Eric Trump, at a small gathering of family and friends that it came to me.  Dreaming is a little like writing.  It is the opportunity to look at things from different directions.  Like when you are dreaming, writing allows you to see beyond, behind and through things that you cannot see when awake.  Writing lets your brain wander, so that obstacles or people that may be in the way are removed through imagination.  

It came to me upon awakening that I am seldom ‘surprised’ during a dream.  Amazed, bewildered, depressed or amused, but never surprised.  Because the mind can see everything at one time.  It amazed Eric Trump too.  He thought it was pretty incredible.  

I mentioned to Eric that during writing, some blockbuster, bombshell thought would often come to me, but it had no place in the current piece.  However, as the posting or piece developed, the earlier thought would weave itself seamlessly into the writing. 

I dunno, I’m just a Dumbplumber, who likes to write.

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