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Monday, March 07, 2016

Hey Colin

Colin Powell: GOP Candidates ‘Junior High’ Antics ‘Belittle The Country’

Well, from the headline above I can see why our voters are so confused.  

Hey Colin, I would suggest to you that having a $20 trillion national debt-- going up over $2 billion a day-- while having an overall $70 trillion in unfunded liabilities and 90 million out of the workforce, with the highest rate of “totally disabled” and the highest food stamp recipients and lowest workforce participation in recent history isn’t doing much to make the country look any better either.  In fact Colin, I would further suggest that making our friends enemies and enemies our friends, when the new friends hate our guts and intend to kill us may be a little higher on the belittling scale than any frat boy antics could ever achieve.

So before you make any more of an ass out of yourself than you already have, you might take a look around America and decide sooner rather than later what it will take to straighten this thing out, since what your buddies have been doing, so far, ain’t working.

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