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Monday, April 18, 2016

Hating the Donald

Okay, so let’s say you hate the Donald.  Even though you don’t know anything about him, what he believes, or what he has accomplished.  You just don’t like him because he is crude, rude and socially unacceptable…..unlike the rest of the refined, politically correct posse posing as alternatives to a natural leader.  What now?

Let’s review:  In your wildest dreams, do you believe Ted Cruz will build the wall?  Will Ted begin deporting the tens of millions of illegal aliens that infest our country?  Will Ted end the billions and billions of taxpayer money being spent on food, housing, confinement and healthcare of illegal aliens?

Will Ted even attempt to negotiate away the trade imbalances that exist with China, Mexico or even Japan?  Will Ted, who has been in the Senate for several years, make any effort to downsize government, economize government, attack the fraud and corruption at the IRS, the VA or at HHS for Medicare?  Will Ted stop the importation of Syrian migrants—some of which are jihadists—started under Obama? 

Will Ted demand that Hillary Clinton be brought to justice for the crimes she has committed, while Sec. of State?  Will Ted investigate the shady investment schemes and fund raising of the Clinton Global Initiative? 

Will Ted return America to a Pay-as-You-Go country, instead of a spend and borrow country that we are now.  And will Ted insist that America be ran under a Budget, instead of a Continuing Resolution or a series of Omnibus Bills as it is now? 
Will Ted preserve the United States of America or morph it into the North America Union, with Canada and Mexico, as his wife is proposing at her job at the Council on Foreign Relations?  Will Ted even mention this before he is elected or sworn into office?  Will Ted ever suggest that the states demand that Primary Elections reflect the will of the voters, instead of the will of the Party Bosses?

Will Ted ever confess that he is in violation of his Oath of Office as a U.S. Senator, as he pledged to …”protect and defend the Constitution from enemies, both foreign and domestic”? 
Here, let me help you……No, no and Hell no!  He could have argued for all the above  already, but he has not uttered a word.


Jim Marven said...

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Dumb Plumber said...

Sydney, a plumber should know that shit runs downhill at an angle of no less than 1/4" per foot. He should also know that water boils at 212 degrees(not under pressure) and that it freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. He also must know that his income must exceed his outgo and that his bills are due and payable upon completion of job.

He should also know that it is usually better to install plumbing to code and if he is to err, it is to the bigger instead of the smaller. And he should know that two 45 degree elbows are always better than one 90 degree. And if he happens to be involved with chlorine sanitizing, that the exposure time to untreated water is in direct correlation to gallons exposed/concentration of chlorine and flow rate of water. Take notes, there will be a test.

He also must know that most of his clients do NOT know this or they would not need him, so an ongoing policy of educating them will never end. And that a Harvard education will never include the above.

Anonymous said...

I really love your weblog, Its great to find not absolutely everyone is just posting a ton of rubbish these days!

Dumb Plumber said...

Thanks Jimmy, I write to take the steam off the kettle. It is an outlet, so that the boiler doesn't explodes and put me either into the hospital with a stroke or on a rooftop with an AK47.

This blog is more for me than anyone. If you enjoy it, so much the better. Dumbplumber