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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Shovelin the BS

When is a secret, not a secret?  Anytime a politician says they are for something, when they are really against it.

Mr. Obama has raised this into an art form with every piece of legislation he signed, that was passed without legislative consensus.  Porkulus and Obamacare, just to name a couple of multi-trillion dollar boondoggles that all Americans will have to pay for, but only a few will benefit.

“Porkulus” was the first all-democrat led Bill to get Obama’s signature.   Later the “shovel ready” law was lamented to be not so shovel ready, so Obama sent the bulk of the almost one trillion dollar give away to the unions, to be used to backstop their deleted benefits programs. And he has renewed the practice every year he was president without a budget.

Under normal times, the caterwauling from the Right would be deafening, but under the democrat led Congress and Administration, there was nary a peep from the vaunted press, or the sitting republicans in Congress.

What’s a trillion among friends, when the taxpayers get to pick up the tab?

Now Obamacare was a different story.  Voted on in the middle of night, the healthcare law was passed with only democrat support, when the Bill wasn’t allowed to be read, before the vote.  Of course the criminal scribe was fabricated from whole cloth to fool those “too stupid” to understand it, but fashioned so that everyone had to have it but corrupt unions and those voting on it.   How’s that working for them now? 
Another stand-alone joke that costs well over $1 trillion.
No, the solution cannot come fast enough for the victims.  Wipe that sucker off the face of the earth, along with all the Executive Orders enacted by Obama since 2009.
Unfortunately, we cannot undo the pardons, commutations and prison releases by Obama.  But take heart, they will either be back in custody or dead in short order.  Hopefully, they won’t take anyone with them when they go.

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