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Sunday, January 08, 2017

Government Healthcare

So tell me again, where in the U.S. Constitution does it say that Americans are granted healthcare? So why are so many republicans demanding that we have a replacement for Obamacare on the same day that we repeal it?

Put another way, Americans can drink themselves to death, drug themselves to death, smoke themselves to death or even eat themselves to death and that’s okay.  It’s our right to mis-conduct ourselves to death, but there is no right to heath care, when these abuses pile up to massive hospital and doctor’s fees.  The rest of America knows this, so why don’t those really smart elected officials?

The real irony is that those who spend so much time citing the Constitution or demanding auditing the Fed, don’t know that something as basic as health care is not granted in our Founding documents.
Before there was Medicare and Medicaid, there was sympathy, empathy and compassion.  Not to mention charitable organizations.  Then along came insurance and the money machine.  If Congress has so much sensitivity to the oppressed masses, then why don’t THEY have Obamacare?  No, they would rather pander for votes than take their own medicine. 
Health insurance (or in this case Somebody else pay for my bad choices) is not really insurance, especially in the case of pre-existing conditions, when we ask someone to pay for something that we already know we have.  Health insurance should be for the things that happen OUT of consequence, not BECAUSE of consequence.

I wrote about this many years ago, when I mentioned the 400 lb. Twinkie munching, chain smoking, beer drinking trailer queens that clog our clinics and hospitals, while accident victims wait in the hallways.  Boy did I get an earful from that.  People spend years abusing their bodies, under the Rights they enjoy, then want the rest of us to pay for the consequences of their actions.  Not right, no way.
Government in healthcare is a multi-billion dollar boondoggle, regulated, governed and investigated constantly.  But we should note that government has never been called to answer when one of their bad decisions cost the life of a taxpayer. 

That’s the medicine that we all have to live under.

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