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Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Yellow Electorate

So, President Bush’s approval rating is down to 39%. Time for us to review. Every major T.V. network, save one, is running negative stories, 24/7, about the President. With such a concerted effort to undermine public opinion, could the results be any different?

The Left, the far Left and the Left that swam out beyond the buoys, still disgruntled over the last election believe they have found his Achilles Heel. Never mind that the negative stories are based wholly on the opinions of politicians and opponents to the War, now playing to their anti-War base. Never mind that there is not one shred of evidence that our President plotted to falsify evidence, in concert with the military, to launch an attack against Iraq, or he would have by now been indicted. Never mind that the waffling Left politicians, armed with the same intelligence, were outspoken in supporting the invasion, over the past 3 to 13 years.

Mind you, most of these stories are partisan politicians and well financed professional protestors, starved for face time, making disparaging statements about the War, while being enabled by ratings starved networks.

But what we have here, my fellow Americans, is a ’blue’ colored yellow-electorate latching onto an issue very near and dear to our President and force-feeding false and misleading information to alienate and decimate a sitting President and his party, at the expense of our National Security.

In the face of far more preventable deaths and billions more squandered by our Congress within our borders, the witnessing of this systematic disassembling of our ‘Separation of Powers’ and ‘Chain of Command’ should be a wake-up call to all Patriots.

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