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Saturday, November 19, 2005

HooRah for the House

The Friday night fights weren’t on ESPN, they were on C-SPAN. It’s about time we got our money’s worth from the overpaid gasbags we send to Washington. And it’s a great moment in history, when Republicans, reached into their Congressional toolbox and cranked the screws down on Democrat hypocrites. So, before the Liberal spin machine turns this event into something unrecognizable, here is the Dumbplumber’s take on what happened.
Tiring of Democrats blasting the War effort and our President 24/7 on every news outlet, then voting to support the War, to appease their constituents, Republicans turned up the heat , with a bit of political gamesmanship of their own.

It was worth the price of a ticket just to watch the Liberals scurry for cover when the House lights lit up in an effort to thwart a vote to pull our troops from Iraq. In essence the vote ‘to vote’ was a party line tussle designed to expose the double talking Democrats that protest the War on Sunday then vote to fund it on Monday.

Then like rats from a sinking ship, Democrats went across the isle and voted down the measure 403 to 3. In this comedic farce, Democrats joined Republicans as much to save their political butts as to support the Iraq War. With this sort of shenanigans, it’s no wonder that Democrats have such a hard time getting elected, especially in Red States.

And before Ms. Pelosi gets her knickers in a knot over what she describes as a ‘political stunt’, I would remind her that it was Senate Democrats that shut down ‘that’ body just a few days ago, using the same toolbox.

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