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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Pelosi and Recruitment

Jesus, Nancy Pelosi canÂ’t help herself. She lies when telling the truth is easier. When questioned about her position on Military recruitment in schools, she said she wasnÂ’t against it because she just wanted recruiters to tell prospects the truth about their enlistment. Hello,Â…Thatthat isnÂ’t what the proposition was about. The proposition would PROHIBIT the recruitment on campuses. Pelosi either doesnÂ’t know what she is talking about or knows and is intentionally misrepresenting the facts.

Well, not one to ignore an obvious faux paux on the part of any Lefty Whacko, the Dumbplumber is weighing in on her truth-in-recruiting remarks. First, it is not lost on the Dumbplumber that military recruiters should be held to the same high standard that politicians adhere to when fulfilling promises they make during campaigns. That having been said, perhaps the following questions to potential recruits should be mandatory.

Question 1: Does your mommy still wipe your ass and tell you what shirt to wear?

Question 2: Are you joining the Service to get back at your Left Wingnut mother or father for making you a panty wearing punk?

Question 3: Are you a man or a punk -ass -bitch just trying to see a bunch of naked guys in the shower?

Question 4: Do you consider a paper cut or a self inflicted shrapnel wound sufficient for a purple heart?

Question 5: Does being yelled at by a tight assed, skin head, buffed out, jarhead just trying to save your ass, make you cry?

Question 6: Do you think you can spend a month or two in a combat zone, then get sent home with three purple hearts for a sunburn, a paper cut and sandpaper crotch rot, so you can run for the U.S. Senate as a war hero?

This should pretty well cover the questions that Ms. Pelosi would demand from Recruiters

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