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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Yapping Liberals

Living in a small rural community is an experience unlike anything in the cities. We get to absorb moments forever foreign to our urban spirits. Just today I witnessed an episode between six dogs in two pickups parked at our local auto parts store.

Three dogs in one truck were barking fiercely at three dogs in another truck parked nearby. I couldn’t help thinking they were Democrat dogs, as they strained at the confines of the bed, barking and snarling, dripping saliva,baring teeth, while threatening bodily harm to any interloper that would think of invading the 40 foot aura around their masters truck.

But as true Democrat dogs, they wouldn’t make the move over the bedrail to silence their perceived enemies, or savage them into submission They just sat there and yapped, and yapped and yapped.

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