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Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Birthday Greeting

Greetings from the Dumbplumber on his birthday. While I don’t like to discuss my age, I prefer to describe my station in life as being late in my 2nd trimester. I am old enough to know that my peers are far more foolish than I ever expected, young enough to believe that there is still hope and too old to put up with crap, from anyone.

At this station stop, I don’t so much celebrate the event as reflect on the stations before it. I ponder some unlikely sidetracks, a derailment or two and look forward to some scenic downhill cruising before the old engine gets too tired to pull the grades.

While many anguish at the state of world affairs, I prefer to focus on those who will be my savior and support them. I don’t have enough sand in my hourglass to tilt at any more windmills. Rather I go about my day to day existence doing the things that make me happy, while helping others with their creature comforts. Few things make others happier than running water, hot water and working toilets. Trust me on this, when the world goes to hell, plumbers will be kings.

The doom and gloom forecast by hysterical climatologists, closet theologians and appeasement infected Liberals, only encourages me to gather and hoard more food and practice my favorite disaster relief program, barbequing. What’s not to like about watching the terminally stupid getting their just desserts while you feast on a medium rare rib eye, baked potato and a fine single malt scotch.

No, while much of America either ignores a growing threat or anguishes over capitulation as a remedy, I go merrily on my way believing that Red State America will “again” save the day. For it is they that have made all the previous payments on our extended lease of the Western world.

It is often I am asked while working, “how is it you know so much”. I simply reply that, “when you have made as many mistakes as I have, you will know it to”. It‘s called experience, some is good, some is bad, but it is all about learning, go with it. In the game of life, we must play the hand we have been dealt. Time to place your bets.

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