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Friday, June 15, 2007

Fred: Never Too Late To The Party

Fred Thompson must be getting the attention of the Presidential contenders and the Media, because he is now in the crosshairs of Pundits and Politicians alike. His wife’s too young and pretty; he’s too old and bald; he is playing off his T.V. celebrity; he is a high priced lobbyist; voters don’t know his record; yada, yada, yada.

Well, Zogby, Pew, Harris and Gallup are to blame. Ole’ Fred is riding solidly in second place behind Rudy and has already beat Hillary in several polls. No wonder he is on the Radar Screen. The man is a popularity machine and he hasn’t even announced yet. Time for the “political” steam rollers and meat grinders to take Fred down a notch or two. And when Hillary’s team gets done with him, he will be a wife beating, child molesting, con man with serious delusions that he could actually beat a Clinton to the White House.

Call Fred what you want, but don’t call him late to the party. Fred knows exactly what he is doing. He is keeping his powder dry and no stranger to politics, power, celebrity or campaigning. Make no mistake, this isn’t Fred’s first rodeo. He is masterfully manipulating the Internet and blogosphere, getting his message out in clear, succinct, simple terms that anyone but a political analyst can understand.

Big Media claims that Fred is an unknown quantity to America, never mind that anyone can “Google” Fred Thompson and find out anything they want about the former Senator/Actor/attorney/Assistant Attorney General and lobbyist. So if you don’t know anything about him, it’s your fault not Fred’s.

And the accusation that Fred, “ is just an actor looking to be President” was worn out during the Reagan campaign, and we all know how that turned out. Forget that Fred has been wandering around D.C. since before the Watergate hearings, he has never aspired for greatness. And after two terms as a U.S. Senator, it is my suspicion that Fred figured out that it is the Captain that turns the ship, not the stewards.

No, Fred Thompson will be the 800lb. gorilla in the room come July. But the mainstream Media, political analysts and pundits will have us believe that Fred is just Bonzo on steroids, up and until America tells them differently.

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