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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fred Thompson...Meet the Meat Grinder

Well Fred Thompson is gearing up for the inevitable assaults, character assassination and rabid political attacks, mostly seen during political campaigns. Of course these assaults are postured as hard hitting investigations, probing interviews and careful scrutiny of the public record, when in reality they are mangled interpretations of best intentions, front loaded outcomes and “cherry picked” events supporting universal condemnation. Mr. Thompson, welcome to the ‘08 elections.

First, we have to get one thing straight. Fred is Fred take him or leave him. If you don’t like him, don’t believe in him or are fully prepared to believe any half baked, politically contrived assault on his reputation, record or character, then don’t vote for him. Just keep believing the political assassins and vote for… Hillary.

On the other hand, if you are comforted by Fred’s straight forward, no-nonsense, down-to-earth delivery of our Nation’s problems and his solutions then listen to the pundits, as I do, for entertainment purposes only. The poor dears, they are only doing a job that no one else will lower themselves to do.

Everyone must remember that just about every talking head with an opinion, short of a pollster, has a dog in this fight. It is their job to jade the opposition while promoting their dog. Misguiding, mischaracterizing and misleading is their stock-in-trade, never mind that “their” candidate has hired and paid them to do this.

Remember the “Swiftboaters”? Once, they were decorated, courageous, veterans, who served their country with honor and were from both political parties. However, once they came out in force against John Kerry in the ‘04 elections, they were a rabid group of partisan, psychotic, hate-mongering Conservatives bent on derailing a highly decorated Vietnam Veteran, just trying to be President. Never mind that the “Swiftboaters” didn’t have a dog in the fight other than their personal knowledge of Mr. Kerry and his “real” service in the War.

When the Liberals were done with them, some lost their jobs, several lost their friends, they all lost their privacy, but none lost their courage, conviction, or character.

As far as Fred goes, this isn’t his first rodeo. He is no stranger to politics or campaigns. Remember that Fred won landslide victories in his Senate campaigns in Tennessee, a State that Al Gore couldn’t carry in the 2000 presidential race. And Al was the previous Senator.
Pundits and partisans are quick to point out that Fred, …”is very wide, but not very deep” or that he is cashing in on his TV personality. So what? Fred has every right, every qualification and a profound understanding of what is wrong with our political leadership today to endow and equip him to be President.

The political meat grinders would have us believe that Fred doesn’t have the will or cojones to be President. Well, I disagree. Fred has more cojones than all but one in the Democratic field. And the jury is still out on her.

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