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Friday, February 22, 2008

Failed civilization

Somewhere the grand experiment of “Civilized Man” went terribly wrong. Now, I don’t mean that man didn’t progress, he did. He developed tools, discovered fire and apparently established the family unit. But right after that, things began going Dixie.

“Man” appears to have developed with a few inherent flaws that civilization cannot change. And to our detriment, these primal urges seem to be indelibly etched into our DNA.

“Thou shalt not kill… Thou shall not steal and…Thou shall not covet thy neighbors wife”, were some pretty good rules to live by and were provided to “Man” several thousand years ago in many different languages, but over time it doesn’t seem to have helped much.

Even “Rights” given “Man“, by other men, like, “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” and the entire “Bill of Rights” hasn’t elevated us much beyond the invention of the wheel.

Man has always had a problem with the Ten Commandments. Especially Civilized Man when it comes to stealing, killing and fooling around with another’s woman. It appears to be the nature of the beast. And all the laws that protect the “rights” of the accused, and all the rights granted the abused, inflicted and defective has, at the benefit of the few, has proven to be a detriment to the whole.

Surely, men have assaulted, kidnapped and raped women since the beginning of time, but modern man seems to do it more as a blood sport than any historical attempt to diversify the gene pool.

But more abhorrent than most other crimes are the school shootings that seemed to have started with Columbine and go unabated today. From the self absorbed, snot nosed brats, with Uzis, to the chemically dependant defectives, to the legally discharged insane that troll our streets seeking revenge on innocent civilians guilty of nothing more than not possessing the sand to have these nut jobs put down like rabid dogs they are, Civilized Man is a complete social failure.

Our civilization has evolved into a simpering, whining, all inclusive, all accepting Nanny State trying to coddle everybody, but protecting nobody. We are a disgusting menagerie of followers submitting to the whims of well intentioned, but misguided Kum-ba-ya Liberals.

Here’s a newsflash folks. Civilized Man, not unlike many primates, is a biped possessing opposing thumbs, a conscience and fundamental social skills. However unlike his fur bearing cousins, all humans are born with the ability to accept the concept of a higher being, logic and reason, whether they use it or not. Unfortunately today, Civilized Man must share space with persons lacking any of these qualities.

And until we take responsibility for those that have none, we should drop any pretense of caring about the welfare of those that will be the “acceptable losses” of our permissive pitiful society. Time has long past that Civilized Man should eliminate the hollow shells that threaten the populace. An entire industry--the so called Justice System--would be threatened if we dispensed with the “violent socially challenged“. We are therefore, doomed to play the Muppets in the world’s biggest “Whack-a-Mole game.

No, this experiment has gone far too long on the wrong track. And in a twisted bit of irony, the very ones that support Darwin are ignoring his laws of survival. The godless tribes that mark the evolution of “Man” would never have allowed the survival of the refuse we pamper today.

But hey, I’m just the Dumbplumber. I could be wrong.

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